It’s been two years since I last went skiing and snowboarding and I am so happy to be back at Trysil with skis on my feet! I always love beeing here. With family and friends, during any time of the year. Though winter is definitely the most fun! We have had this super central apartment here in the mountains for a few years now, I just haven’t been good at using it for what it’s worth. I have to say, -10 degrees celsius is pretty cold, and in additon the sun has been playing hide and seek with us. (Layers and layers of wool is much needed. I’m such a popsickle.) However, the conditions are beautiful! And a couple breaks with something hot to drink doesn’t hurt anyone.


I find it so funny how I am at Trysil, which is in Norway, and I have yet to run into a handfull Norwegians. Swedes and Danes literally run this place these days. The Brits love it too. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Welcome to Trysil!


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