..also known as hot chocolate. Lots of it.

Keep the calories coming as the temperatures continue to drop, please and thank you. I’ll be wrapped in blankets in between the freezing artic-like skiing sessions. Cold, but beautiful.

I simply enjoy life right now. Why worry about what’s to come when I can enjoy what I have at the moment. My surroundings. My bed. A good book. Good company. Music. Hot chocolate. I don’t care if I run into some obstacles later on. I know I will. We all do sooner or later. I will deal with it when I have to. For now I’m good. People around me are good. And that’s good enough!


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2 thoughts on “COLD WEATHER DIET

  1. Jeg har ikke tall på hvor mange kopper med varm sjokolade jeg har drukket i vinter, hehe!:P

    Ha en strålende dag!<3

    1. Haha ikke jeg heller, antageligvis alt for mange. Tusen takk, du også! 🙂

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