Jeremy Scott recently sent a new collection down the runway during New York Fashion Week, which makes me want to reminisce back to last year’s show. February 2016 I was a part of my very first fashion week, and the pop culture inspired brand Jeremy Scott was my introduction to the world behind the scenes. Additonally, Jeremy Scott is the creative directior of Moschino, so it’s only natural for the brands to be somewhat in the same valley.

Being a part of something for the first time is always exciting. There are so many impressons and experiences all at once, you don’t really have time to focus on one thing at the time. It’s crazy how all these fashion shows require so much preparation, so many talented people and creative minds, yet it is all presented in a short few minutes. It is all about those minutes. And then it’s over. After a few glances it’s all over. You’re left with impressions of a brand, its representation and maybe some inspiration. Depending on how good the show is, everything around it eventually turns blurry. If you in the end remember a few looks, maybe a spesific piece, a couple of the models walking and the designer peeking out at the end to recieve some applause, they have done their job. You remember those minutes. How it sells, however, is a different story.

The snow has a tendency to show up in New York when at its craziest. And so I heard it did this fashion week as well. I guess there is no way around it. But it sure brings some fashion week magic to the city. Though it completely makes being fashionable late overrated. Now you’re just super delayed because of crazy traffic. Like the cab drivers have never seen snow before.

That being said, it has caught my attention that this years show did not run as smoothly as last year’s. Read for yourself what wrote about this year’s “shitshow” where top fashion editors got turned away at the door. Let’s just say a Jenner was involved. And that makes it all more complicated.

And though the collection itself wasn’t bad, this is a prime example where they haven’t done their job. Everything but those few minutes is appearently what people remember. What a mess.

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