Lipstick. It has never really been my thing, but I’m kind of getting into it. Makeup in general is definitely not my thing. I usually keep it very simple. Mostly because I have never learned the true differences between concealer, foundation, highlighter etc.. there is just so much!! And I have probably never found my right color foundation either… Makeup to me is just difficult. Luckily I’m not planning on being a makeup artist! I find it most impressive when girls pull off the eyeliner wing. I just simply can’t do it. So I do not even bother trying anymore.. But I figured, maybe I can actually manage some colored lips once in a while haha. Maybe. I do need some changes.


Also I feel like this blog can come off as a little serious and not very personal. I will try to change that. Though I do want to bring up some serious themes and questions from time to time, I also want it to feel more relatable and easy going. So, I will work on that, along with putting on lipstick because I am obviously not very good at it!!

Have a great weekend!

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