How cute is this squirrel?!! Isn’t it nice waking up to birds chirp outside your window instead of annoying phone alarms? Like the world is finally coming alive after a dark winter. And isn’t it nice when days are becoming longer, warmer and sunnier? Everything just start seeming brighter.

Among the perks of living on the country side are the cute little visitors that come to accompany you for breakfast like this squirrel did yesterday morning. I don’t even live that far outside the city, but the contrast from NYC, however, is drastic. Yes they have squirrels everywhere in NYC parks, but they are not the same. NYC squirrels will attack you if you get to close, seriously!

And how often do you see hedgehogs, deers and sweet little squirrels like this one from your breakfast table in overcrowded cities anyways?

It feels like spring. I’m just hoping spring is here to stay, (even though we are only in the middle of February). Knock on wood.. or knock on the table as we say in Norwegian.

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  1. Omg that is so cute! Nice shot

  2. right?! and thank you 🙂

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