Among the most difficult questions you can ask me starts with “what is your favorite..?”. I guess most people asume that nearly everyone has a favorite color, a favorite food or a favorite drink. A favorite anything. At least a preference. Yes of course I have a preference, but I will rarly say anything is my favorite. I even have a hard time believing those talking about their favorites too much. Everything is their favorite!!

“What is your favorite color?” hmm, I like blue. I wear a lot of blue. Yet I like using purple in my interior. I like that color too. And a soft mate green is really nice to just look at. So I don’t really know.

“What is your favorite food?” This one is probably the worst. I like food. Do I need a favorite? I like breakfast. You can eat anything for breakfast. You can even eat leftover dinner or that last pizza slice from last night for breakfast. And breakfast usually goes along with coffee, and coffee is always a good idea.

“What is your favorite drink?” Are we talking soda, wine or vodka here? I don’t get it. Again, do I need a favorite? It totally depends my mood. Absolutely hate this question. I never have an answer.

No favorite movie. No favorite tv-show. No favorite book. No favorite season of the year. Just no favorites. I have preferances! But I just simply don’t do favorites. (With one exception: ice cream.. I am pretty sure my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate. Now you know.)



1 thought on “I DON’T DO FAVORITES

  1. Know what you mean. Hvorfor må man ha en favoritt på alt?

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