I am thrilled and so excited to be back on my sewing machine! If you’re anything like me you probably know how awful it feels to trow away old clothes. A few years back a friend and I got really into designing and sewing dresses. Design is fun and all, but then second-hand started to sound more useful before I eventually ran out of time to sow. Now I want to try again. Second-hand clothing is first of all a great way to help save the environment. By simply recreating old clothes you never wear, you throw away less and probably save some money. Even just buying second-hand once in a while is a much needed trend!! Very much needed!

So here’s my first project in a while:


I don’t even think I have to explain why this dress needed a transformation. I mean, it was a nice dress, but kinda outdated, and just not for me. There was definitely some room for improvement. I have never worn it and found it packed away in some box, so I decided to give it a new life.


I have to say I am pretty happy with the result! There are always old clothes in need of a new life so hopefully I can keep the projects coming.

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