..No I’m kidding. Though it feels like it. I have pretty much had the same hair color and hair length all my life. I am the girl who dreads going to the hairdresser even just for a trim. Leaving my hair in someone else’s hands with scissors is the scariest thing. So when I even decided to let them give me highlights I was terrified. The feeling of regret hit me several times just sitting in the chair watching what they were doing to my hair. A usual 30 minutes trim is nerve wracking enough, but 3 hours was killing me.

At first I didn’t know how to react. Did I like it? Did I hate it? I wasn’t sure. On my way home I went trough a phase of “oh my god what I have done to my hair”. And I am pretty sure I even let a couple tears run down my chin. After always being the brunette, it just looked so wrong. But first of all, it’s just hair! And second of all, the change is probably not even that visible for anyone else haha. So in conclusion, it’s not that bad, just something I have to get used to.


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