Macarons. Those delicate sweet little things. My mind brought back memories of poor results from the past instantly as I decided to give it another try. Maybe I have finally learned just how much gentle care and preciseness those delicate little things demand.

I know they are just sweets and it’s not really that big of a deal. I know. However, it is pretty nice when they come out the way they should. Especially when you want to wrap them up as a little treat to the birthday girl or the next door neighbor. Which I did. Because who says no to some macarons and champagne.

Now I am off to Rotterdam! Finally time for some travelling. I am first of all going to visit the University where I really want to go for school. But it just happens to be perfect to catch up with some friends from the past as well, which is probably even more exciting. In fact, I haven’t seen these girls in about 4 years. That actually makes me sound and feel so old. And I am only 20. Anyways, I am excited to come back to the Netherlands!

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