I have to say, I wish it was a bit warmer and less windy. But besides from that, I did not expect this city to be this nice. It’s beautiful. Last time I was by myself in a foreign city I was in Milan for fashion week last year. Milan was nice, sure. Fashion week was awesome, of course. But I was not prepared to feel as lonely outside the showroom and work duties as I did. I was not prepared to go for coffee in the morning by myself or to discover¬†parts of the city by myself. And I guess that’s why I felt as lonely as I did. My plan was not to be alone.

This time it was. Most of the time at least. And so far it’s been a much greater experience. I understand if some find it weird to travel alone. I used to (and to some extent still do. But I’m starting to get more into it). Now, I am only travelling for a few days. Those who travel by themselves for weeks and months, however, are the real deal. They know how to do this shit. And I give them all the credz I can. Because when you are left alone with only you and your thoughts, the mind can be a scary place. Unless you choose for it not to be.

Somehow I made it a tiny goal of mine for this trip to not use any public transportation. To rent a bike would have been a great option as absolutely EVERYONE goes by bike here. But so far I have walked everywhere. Ok, I did take the tram from the train station when I arrived with my bags and all, but even then I ended up exiting a few stops too early and had to walk the rest. I wish I had one of those step counters or whatever it is called, because I feel like I have walked so much these couple of days. From the city centre to the Erasmus University campus and back, to bridges and boats, to museums and parks etc.

The true beauty about doing this all alone is that I am the only one to affect my experience of the city. There is no one else around with opinions or wishes that I need to take into consideration. I see what I want to see. I stop to take pictures of everything I want to. I can even use some extra minutes zipping that coffee if I want because no one is telling me we have to go. (But of course I love travelling with friends and family!)



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