Funny story; I have previously expressed my difficulties with having my hair cut or changed in any way. It’s just terrifying. Luxury problem, I know. So, while visiting the Erasmus University I have also attended a few “events” at the University’s fashion seminar. One of them was the Toni&Guy (hairdressing brand, in case you didn’t know) presentation. As the professional hair dresser started commenting on everything she wanted to do to everyone’s hair at the end of the presentation, I was praying she wouldn’t look at me. I did not want to hear a word about how I should change my hair haha! She pointed at one girl, “I want to cut your hair short, very short”, she said. And I really do think the girl would look amazing with short hair. She pointed at the next girl, “You need some structure in your hair, like bangs or a bob”. And again I believed her. She then looked at me. Though I swear I basically hid behind this one girl. A quiet couple of seconds followed. She then glanced at my hair for a while before she finally concluded: “I wouldn’t do anything to your hair. Your hair is so you. You are you just like that”. It was like music in my ears. That heavenly kind of music. My life may go on now..

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